Writing activities for the mitten tree

I'm usually not a huge fan of hers, but she does make some awesome points in this series.

Spelling Activities- Trace and Write

The children noticed the leaves were blowing because they were placed randomly on the page. I am thrilled to count myself in the published category. A girl and her father ski through the winter trees. Children could then trace the words on lines in the first column.

You could also make any or all of these animals from the book: She noticed a boy with no mittens waiting of the bus. I wonder who gave Sarah the basket of yarn? She continues knitting mittens for the kids and is surprised with a kindness in return, a basket of yarn left on her doorstep. The bear sneezes and all of the animals come flying out of the mitten.

It is the simplest of the spelling activities. Why did Sarah leave the blue mittens on the tree? It was so cute! Construct an igloo from a disposable bowl. Students will correctly answer questions during and following classroom activities.

Over and Under the Snow: After coming back from winter break, the kids created a fun snowman craft pictured below and wrote about their snowman. We talked about who had the most letters in their name and the least.

Tell the students that the people and animals are called "characters" in a story. They also did two other angel crafts this week: Sarah knits a pair of mittens and leaves them on the tree for the boy.

She still knits mittens for all the children and leaves them on the tree and when she runs out of yarn she finds a new basket of yarn on her porch. He makes tracks, knocks snow off branches, builds a snowman and goes sledding.

Have the student place the picture card inside the mitten. Next, since we have been learning about punctuation marks, we point them out in the text. Look at the already colored coloring sheets of the different animals.

Better Homes and Gardens painted the back of their glass a pretty shade of green. Though your little one might not be quite ready for the ski jump, they can make ski jump art with a tutorial from Kaboose.

Image Gallery: mitten writing

I do have them label what they draw on this page, so we get a little writing in there. Students will sequence picture cards of animals as they appear in story. The first was differentiating left and right mittens. Are you pre-published or published, and if so where?

In spite of her warnings that he will lose them and that they will be hard to find in the snow, he insists and she finally does so. Pass out Bingo cards to the students. Then they could write the words on the lines in the second column.

It turned out really cute and we'll be adding to it this week.Mission Statement. Saint Mary School follows the examples of our patroness Mary and her Son Jesus Christ by respecting others, fostering spiritual development, striving for academic excellence, and providing service to our community.

Spread the love Spread the love. Click here to expand the filter options. Prewriting activities like the ones your children can do with this set of pre K tracing worksheets are a great way to work on fine motor skills.

Access hundreds of early childhood activities for use across the year and the curriculum. #1 We will read The Mitten and The Hatand do a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the two stories.

#2 We will Sequence the Mitten characters and act out the. Writing and identifying numbers within 1, in Special Activities Read A Genre— (RAG) Tag Reading Read-In Day Science Day Thanksgiving Brunch Christmas Around the World Service Projects “Socktober” sock collection Scarf and mitten tree supporting Alabama Baptist Children’s Home Christmas cards for nursing home residents.

Writing activities for the mitten tree
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