Write a sentence using commas in a series

Here is some additional advice on particular problems common to new scientific writers. Is it grammaticaly correct to place a comma after "and"?

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Important negative results should be reported, too. As pointed out above Rule 3an adverbial clause that begins a sentence is set off with a comma: These forms among others would remove the ambiguity: Paris, France, is sometimes called "The City of Lights. Sentences with non-coordinate adjectives, however, don't require a comma.

But here or anywhere one must question whether the advantage outweighs the confusion caused by the omission. To my mother, Ayn Rand and God.

Colons with Lists

Here are two fun and creative sites: This delineation between UK and US is very general — there are plenty of organizations in both countries that do not adhere to this. Top of Page Describe the organism s used in the study. My usual breakfast is coffee, bacon and eggs and toast.

As in, "A mallard, a kind of duck, attacked me.

Commas in a Series

Does the sentence still make sense if you reverse the order of the words? What does the sentence before this one say? It is redundant in a simple list because the and or the or is often meant to serve by itself to mark the logical separation between the final two items, [20] unless the final two items are not truly separate items but are two parts of a compound single item.

Consider this apocryphal book dedication: To demonstrate this last point, Lewis Thomas, a clever essayist as well as a physician and poet, shows us how to use commas effectively—as well as how to word a long sentence so that commas are not overused—in this excerpt from " Notes on Punctuation ": It is highly important to put them in place as you go along.

Use a comma to separate each element in an address. I can't think of professional English-speaking audience that would be put off by a bulleted list. For example, 10, or 1, I wonder if such conumdrums exist in other languages?

Comma Rules: How to Use Commas

Even though the phrase "that attacked me" describes "the duck," it provides essential information to the sentence.

It is unclear whether the eggs are being grouped with the bacon or the toast. Descriptive phrases often need to be separated from the things that they describe in order to clarify that the descriptive phrases are subordinate i. Using the transition list while you are revising: The rule for where the comma goes, however, depends on where attribution comes.

But "his wife" and "Eleanor" are so close that we can regard the entire phrase as one unit and leave out the commas.

That is the golden rule. Thank you to the ones who actually answered it. The bottom line is this: Consequently, we insert a comma. The river caught fire on July 4,in Cleveland, Ohio.Punctuating a series is a simple aspect of sentence construction, but there's a surprisingly fierce debate at the heart of it.

Items in a Series Examples

The serial comma, or Oxford comma, is the comma that sometimes goes between the final two items in a series.

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Comma Worksheets and Activities Learning to use commas and other punctuation with confidence requires a basic understanding of sentence structure. If you know how sentences are structured, then it is easy to understand how punctuation helps writers negotiate their expressions.

This pack includes ten worksheets to reinforce the first grade Common Core Standards for comma usage; using the comma in the date and using commas to seperate single words in a series sentence (I am friends with Bob, Joe, and Mike.). Correct Comma Usage.

Do you get confused when trying to place a comma in a sentence? Are you befuddled when the commas you thought you'd placed correctly in your paper come back with red marks all.

Write a sentence using commas in a series
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