Kingshaws misery in im the king of the castle essay

The house is in the country and is large and imposing. He starts to pray for forgiveness for the bad thoughts he has had about Hooper. He knows who Kingshaw is and where he lives, even though Kingshaw knows absolutely nothing about him.

Nevertheless, he steels himself and jumps into the darkness with his eyes closed. However, he reflects that things have definitely changed in the woods and he supposes that life at Warings will be different now.

Lying in bed he is comforted by the realisation that he might not have to change schools after all, now Hooper is dead.

That evening his mother comes to his room to talk to him. He longs for his school, where he is happy and comfortable. At this point he realises Hooper has gone again, leaving him with his fears and no idea of how long he is likely to be in the shed. He finds that it is much more pleasant than he expected, and he likes it.

Mr Hooper believes he and Kingshaw are getting on well and notes how everything has improved for him since Mrs Kingshaw arrived.

I’m The King Of The Castle Chapter Summaries

The relative immaturity of Kingshaws mind is explored very well in this chapter, and in particular through the way he plans his escape. When he finally does go in, Hooper runs out and locks the door. Somehow, Kingshaw finds this more ominous than anything Hooper might actually do.

He has a terrible nightmare about a Punch and Judy show but he is woken by a scratching noise outside. The chapter is of crucial importance in the novel and shows the two boys in a hostile environment, trying to cope the best they can. It was once a grand countryside mansion, but has since fallen into despair and decay.

He is absorbed in thoughts about her and the effect she has had on him, noting the different ways in which he has changed, becoming more impetuous and confident, even in relation to his own son.

This adds to the intensity and power of the feelings of the characters. Back at the house Hooper tells Mrs Kingshaw they have been playing bandits. This method of using multiple perspectives adds to the suspense and mystery of the story.

Kingshaw takes the initiative, and catches a fish. He arrives at Hang Woods only to find he has to negotiate a fence and a muddy ditch to get in. Those smells illuminate and contribute to the terrible event Kingshaw is experiencing at the circus.

This scene is entirely set with the family attending a circus, something that deeply disturbs Kingshaw. When he gets back to Warings, Hooper reveals that he knows all about Fielding and Kingshaw feels a further sense of loss.

This is because maybe he gave away his life so that the good side could win. This would have struck a chord with his readers.Im the king of the castle Essay Susan Hill has brought the sinister side of children in the novel I am the King of the Castle.

It was first published in and one French film was made with an almost similar theme. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Published: Wed, 10 May After his mother’s death Joseph Hooper moved to. • The Kingshaws arrive • Hooper didn't want anyone to come here - 'I didn't want you to come here' •Kingshaw climbs castle walls •He shouts 'Im the King of the Castle' •Dares Hooper to try WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON.


I’m the king of the castle by Susan Hill

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Throughout the novel I'm the King of the Castle by Susan Hill, we are constantly aware of the misery felt by twelve-year-old Charles Kingshaw. This, and the way it is shown, is very important in really understanding his character, and what eventually leads him to his own death.

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Kingshaws misery in im the king of the castle essay
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