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Fahrenheit was written and published in The second incident, which occurs later the same evening, is when Millie tells Montag that the McClellans have moved away because Clarisse died in an automobile accident — she was "run over by a car.

The fire chief, Captain Beatty also senses Montag's unhappiness. Clarisse the girl's name derives from the Latin word for brightest. This man Montag lives in a world where the past has been destroyed by kerosene-spewing hoses and government brainwashing methods.

Montag is anxious but has no ability to find out what happened. There is little family interaction that can produce true emotion.

Fahrenheit 451

After Montag's encounter with Clarisse, he returns home to find his wife Mildred Montag Millie unconscious; she is lying on the bed with her Seashell Radios in her ears and has overdosed on tranquilizers and sleeping pills.

There are many fears that he has that are related to this. Montag arrives home feeling guilty and ill. She is addicted to her sleeping pills, kitchen gadgets, TV-walls and endless soap operas, speed driving and radio ear-plugs.

Montag raves and scares other passengers. Dogs are good at protection and finding victims of natural and anthropogenic disasters, so the Mechanical Hound serves as a symbol of distorted dystopian world of Fahrenheit Meanwhile, the war begins.

These thoughts return him to Clarisse, being a complete contrast to Mildred, with her vivacity and curiosity. Clarisse accepts Montag for what he is; Montag finds Clarisse's peculiarities that is, her individuality slightly annoying.

He realizes that their life together is meaningless and purposeless. Later, Montag, too, turns his head upward into the early November rain in order to catch a mouthful of the cool liquid. Beatty, who functions as the apologist of the dystopia, points out that the Hound "doesn't think anything we don't want it to think.

It took nine days for Bradbury to finish the first draft called The Fireman and later, when he was urged to extend it by his publisher the first version was only 25, words longhe doubled the amount in exactly nine days more.

According to his government's views, the only emotion Montag should feel, besides destructive fury, is happiness. This represents that people only chooses to see the beautiful side of things and ignore the unpleasant things in life which they soon have to accept, in this case, they are not happy.

He decides to show Mildred his books, collected within the last year. They speak about books and their significance for humankind, ways of perception, lack of time to think.

Upon his arrival Faber is actually excited at the sight of a book, all senses involved. The first incident is one in which he is called to an unidentified woman's house to destroy her books.

When Millie sees Montag's cache of books, she panics. Next morning he finds Mildred well and awake. He ends his working hours and heads home. Her neighbor discovered her cache of books, so they must be burned.

It attacks the fireman and even bites him, injecting an incomplete dose of procaine. He most fears censorship and all of his other fears are related to this one.

Fahrenheit 451: Happiness?

She reacts only when Montag suggests quitting his job — she is horrified. He was not happy Surprisingly, the burning still gives Montag a pleasure.

Society’s illusion of happiness- Fahrenheit 451

They watch the end of the manhunt, a real spectacle, where an innocent pedestrian unwillingly plays a role of Montag and is killed by the Mechanical Hound. The old lady refuses to leave the house and her library, so she waits for firemen to spread kerosene and lights the match.

She is curious, observant and loves to find out how and why things are working. As he becomes more aware of his unhappiness, he feels even more forced to smile the fraudulent, tight-mouthed smile that he has been wearing.

Essay/Term paper: Fahrenheit 451: bradbury's fears

Indeed, she is partly responsible for Montag's change in attitude.Free Term Papers on Fahrenheit available at agronumericus.com, the largest free term paper community. Fahrenheit Happiness? Fahrenheit is a novel of little happiness. Society as a whole has become content with watching television and wasting away their lives, while a few individuals ponder the true meaning of life and happiness.

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Happiness Explored in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit Essay - The philosopher Aristotle once wrote, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”.

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit is a novel of little happiness. Society as a whole has become content with watching television and wasting away their lives, while a few individuals ponder the. Get an answer for 'How is the theme of happiness portrayed in the novel, Fahrenheit ?' and find homework help for other Reference questions at eNotes.

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Fahrenheit 451 happiness term paper
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