Bar council of india

Bar Council of India

This committee reviews applications by persons against summary dismissal of their complaints against advocates for professional misconductby the state bar councils and appeals against orders of the disciplinary committees of the state bar councils. From the above definition, it is manifestly clear that any arbitration matter between the parties to the arbitration agreement shall be called an "international commercial arbitration" if the matter relates to the disputes, which may or may not be contractual, but where at least one of the parties habitually resides abroad whether a national of that country or not.

There is no discrimination in U. In the counter affidavit filed on The foreign law firms, who are the private respondents in this writ petition, have accepted the legal position that the term "practice" would include both litigation as well as non-litigation work, which is better known as chamber practice.

Averments in the petition are that the writ petitioner was an advocate enrolled with the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu. He, however, referred the following: The pharmacist is no longer a mere dispenser of drugs but has assumed a more crucial role in medicine management and as overall health care programmer.

Prayer in the writ petition is to take action against the original respondents 9 to 40 or any other foreign law firms or foreign lawyers illegally practicing the profession of law in India and direct them to refrain from having any illegal practice on the litigation side and in the field of commercial transactions in any manner whatsoever.

Under the peculiar facts here 4 43 N. No proceeding shall be invalidated merely on the ground that the rule relating to notice is not strictly complied with.


In England, foreign lawyers are free to advice on their own system of law without nationality requirement or qualification of England. But if the degree in law is obtained by a candidate without graduation, the law degree cannot be recognised. An inflexible observance of the generally controlling doctrine may well occasion a result detrimental to the public interest, and it follows that there may be instances justifying such exceptional treatment warranting the ignoring of state lines.

Law Education in India

The FIPB had rejected the proposal submitted by the foreign law firms. We nevertheless recognize that there are unusual situations in which a strict adherence to such a thesis is not in the public interest. Section 48 1 b of the Arbitration Act provides that enforcement of a foreign award can be refused if the parties were unable to present their case.

Some of the most important Law Entrance Exams in India are listed below: However, it may sometimes be convenient and save time if technical experts address the arbitral tribunal directly as party representatives There is no merit in the above argument, because, there is a distinction between a bureaucrat drafting or giving opinion, during the course of his employment and a law firm or an advocate drafting or giving opinion to the clients on professional basis.

Singh, learned senior counsel, by way of rejoinder, opposed the submissions of learned counsel appearing for the foreign law firms.

The tenth respondent, another foreign law firm, submitted that there is no violation of law in giving advice on foreign law. Thus, when efforts are being made to see that the legal profession stand tall in this fast changing world, it would be improper to hold that the Act and the Bar Council constituted there under have limited role to play in the field relating to practising the profession of law.

QCs are permitted to join law firms as partners. B Degree of the London University obtained after graduation from any Indian University be and is hereby recognised.

Our courts are given much control over the lawyers admitted to the Bar of our State; we have no control, however, over those professing to be foreign law experts.

It cannot be denied that we have a comprehensive and progressive legal frame work to support International Arbitration and the Act, provides for maximum judicial support of arbitration and minimal intervention.List of Universities Abroad Whose Degrees in Law are Recognised by The Bar Council of India 1.

RANGOON UNIVERSITY (a) RESOLUTION NO. 45/ The Madras Bar Council came into existence when the Indian Bar Councils Act, came into force in the Presidency of Madras from 16th July, The first meeting of The Madras Bar Council was held on 9th October, and it was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Justice of the Madras High Court Sir agronumericus.coms Trotter, Bar-at-Law.

» The Bar Council of India, at it’s Council meeting scheduled to be held on 31st March, shall have the following in it’s agenda for discussion apart from other issues-PRESS CONFERENCE AT PM (Mar).

sh. ved prakash sharma: o: ch. no. 81, civil wing, tis hazari courts, delhi r: c, mig flats, prasad nagar, phase-ii, new delhi p: I am pursuing in JNTU Anantapur.

I want to do LLB in distance mode. Please provide me the details of colleges. Please suggest whether LLB or company secretary course will be. The Bar Council of India shall have power to borrow money from any Bank or other financial institution or others for the purposes of acquiring or construction of any property or building on a specific authorisation of the Bar Council of India.

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Bar council of india
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